More nimble than Jack: 4 ways to keep the flame alive with Microsoft Teams.

Alarm goes off. Dogs/cats/kids are begging/demanding/screaming (in that order) to be fed breakfast, all while you’re trying to iron that shirt you forgot to iron the night before while brushing your teeth at the same time. The juggling act doesn’t die down once you’re in the office – you’re hopping from one system to the next just trying to coordinate your tasks and meetings for the day.

It’s tiring juggling plates, something that’s become the norm in everyone’s lives. But it’s not sustainable, because soon enough you’ll be burning the candle at both ends and that little flame of joy within you is going to die out.

Remember the nursery rhyme, when Jack had to be nimble enough to jump over the candlestick without extinguishing the flame, a sign thought to bring good luck? Well with Microsoft Teams, you don’t need luck. But you will be a whole lot more agile than Jack.

Here’s a few ways that Teams can make your work-life a lot easier and help you work faster, that you might not be aware of.

Central hub for teamwork

Because Teams is a collaboration tool built on Office 365, it means that the full suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.) is connected in one easy location. Need to add a meeting to your calendar? Add it in Teams. Got an email you want to reply to? Reply via Teams. Finance been chasing you for that updated forecast spreadsheet? Send it in Teams. Need to make a call, or have a meeting with a client? Say hello from Teams.

You’re more agile when everything can be done from one location. Remember the days when you had to play hop-scotch and jump from your emails to meetings, to phone calls, to documents on the server and back again, all day long? We don’t either.

Get rid of mailbox fatigue

That feeling of accomplishment you get when you’ve cleared your mailbox. You walk into your next meeting on a high, only for this feeling to be short-lived after returning an hour later and seeing 50 new emails waiting for you. We’re aware of how mentally taxing it can be when your emails keep piling up throughout the day. It’s exhausting and it slows you down.

This is why we make it a rule to do everything from Teams. If you need to have a quick chat with your colleague, do it in Chat. Or if you’re working on a group project, create a Channel and add colleagues that are working on that project. You can have a conversation and tag specific people if you don’t need a group reply, share files and even add external third parties as guests.

Work on documents together

Gone are the days of batting collaborative documents back and forth like a ping-pong tournament. With co-authoring of shared documents within the M365 suite, you’re able to make changes while your colleague is making edits too, all with the front door being Teams to access them. Because the docs are hosted via SharePoint Online, every file is live and autosaves as you work.

Add agile boosting apps

You can add additional apps within Teams to help with making your day-to-day more seamless. Apps such as Planner, Jira, Asana, OneNote, Polly, and many more, allow you to collaborate with your team and manage your day all through one interface.

We believe that technology needs to do the hard work for you, not the other way around. When you’re not bogged down with the time-consuming mundane, you’re free to be more agile, productive, and inspired.

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