Why cyber security services are vital for your business

Although information technology (IT) innovations such as cloud technology have become the norm in today’s work environment, they also present security risks that can undermine organisations’ critical IT infrastructures.

While companies cannot wholly neglect their responsibilities regarding their digital information security, they can invest in comprehensive services that offload the daily management of their cyber security to business and technology professionals.

Without cyber security services, businesses risk increasing the chances of cyber threats successfully exploiting their systems.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security refers to the programs and measures companies implement to protect their digital networks against cyber-attacks. It is an essential component of any organisation’s IT network. Without efficient solutions to ensure your data’s security, your company can suffer significant breaches and losses.

Cyber security services refer to the specific solutions technology companies provide their clients for greater digital safety and streamlined processes. These services can take the form of:

  • Firewall installations and maintenance – the implementation of software that blocks unauthorised traffic.
  • Incident response – a process to develop a plan for dealing with data breaches.
  • Cyber security awareness training – workshops for educating companies on cyber safety practices.
  • Access management – solutions and policies that help prevent unauthorised access to a business’s computer systems and overall IT network.
  • Penetration testing – controlled experiments where IT workers hack into a company’s systems to dectect vulnerabilities.

The digital security measures companies put in place can create a world of difference between a robust organisation and one prone to cyber threats. As a business owner, you cannot leave your company’s network security solutions on the back burner. They must be front and centre to enhance your business’s ability to remain innovative and agile within highly competitive markets.

Why do businesses need cyber security services?

43% of cyber-attacks target SMEs and your company is no exception to the trend. Today’s businesses leverage highly complex IT systems that must be kept secure for the benefit of their users and customers. Internal IT staff are well-trained and can provide reliable support when needed.

However, cyber security is a full-time commitment. Your employees’ expertise and resources should be spent on helping your business reach higher levels, not on smaller tasks capable of being outsourced to a group of experts with the freedom and skills to uphold your company’s digital wellbeing.

Cyber security services provide organisations with third-party teams who can examine a business’s procedures and networks, highlight potential weaknesses, and offer advice on cost-efficient solutions. They can also install and monitor new tools to ensure their clients’ network security is optimised.

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What cyber threats do businesses face?

Digital attacks can occur anytime and on any device. However, just like today’s cyber security solutions, cybercriminals regularly develop more hardy ways to damage businesses and profit from their weaknesses.

Common cyber threats include:

  • Malware – malicious software, including spyware, Trojan viruses, worms, and more, that can damage or disable a computer system. 
  • Phishing – an attempt by a cybercriminal to acquire sensitive information such as usernames and passwords by posing as a trustworthy entity in digital communications.
  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks – an attempt to overwhelm a website with traffic from infected sources (known as bots).
  • Ransomware – malware that encrypts files and data. Ransomware users force victims to buy a decryption key to retrieve their documents.
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks – when hackers compromise two-way correspondences to steal data.

A network’s authorised users can also cause damage to a company’s IT systems and reputation. From sharing devices with unauthorised personnel to unknowingly instigating a cyber-attack due to a lack of knowledge regarding warning signs, employees may pose as much of a risk to to a company’s network as external threats.

What advantages do cyber security services offer businesses?

While hackers use artificial programs to penetrate and damage systems, there is still a human element to cyber threats. Cyber security consultants understand this and use their expertise to combat your company’s digital threats with the mindsets of a malicious actor and a respectable business owner.

With digital security services, your business gains the following benefits:

  • Greater application securitythe average company has 254 applications in its IT infrastructure. Cyber security services evaluate your company’s applications and update them based on vendor and industry policies.
  • In-depth cyber security strategies – consultants have the skills and experience to develop custom digital security plans that align with your company’s needs and budget.
  • Stronger customer loyalty – clients and customers expect you to keep their data safe. Cyber security services leverage modern solutions to keep sensitive information safe 24/7/365.
  • A workplace culture built on cyber safety – employees who see the value in cyber security and are educated in its practices are more likely to avoid falling victim to threats.
  • Reduced resource wastage – cyber-attacks can result in downtime and data loss. Every second your business spends to recover costs you money and time.
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity – organisations with secure systems can focus on meeting their key performance indicators (KPIs) and growing their influence.

While investing in another company’s services to improve your own may seem counterintuitive, cyber security service providers can help businesses remain operational despite shifting corporate landscapes and cyberspace developments.

Protect your business with Sydney’s leading cyber security experts

From updating your company’s cloud security policies to securing new devices, organisations’ digital safety measures must be sophisticated and reactive to threats. Without foolproof solutions in place, your business is left vulnerable.

The cyber security consultants at Atarix specialise in enhancing organisational safety with technical solutions and training based on the latest practices and technologies. If you are stressing over your business’s IT security or feel there are ways to improve it, talk to the team today.