Security & Phishing Awareness Training

Hey there attackers.
Think you got a hook, line and sinker? Think again.

Ready to spot the scammers?

Have peace of mind knowing your team are well-equipped from being reeled in by sophisticated phishing attacks. Having the right training in place empowers you and employees to take action.

We’ll create long-lasting learning and enhance the performance of your employees. Providing learning that is continuously practised, tested and measured, will ensure success within a managed and automated learning path.

How it works:

A full suite of security and phishing training.

Baseline assessment. Starting point to determine your organisation’s overall phishing risk and establish a baseline for future measurement with a simulated phishing campaign.

Awareness Training Starting with the basics. Your employees will be sent on a fully automated, unique training journey.

Ongoing Nurturing & Empowerment of your employees. Automated your campaigns to nurture employees, encouraging them to tackle more difficult campaigns as their skills improve.

Monitor Success through the portal and dashboard. Track historical trends, improvements and report on success with ease.

Reduce admin costs for your IT team.

Reduce employee clicks to malicious links.

Create lasting employee behavioural change.

Protect your business from monetary cost of phishing attacks.

Easily track employee performance over time.

More is not always better.

By having an insights-driven course, developed with a proven methodology to ensure the best employee behavioural change, learners will excel when they are presented with the necessary knowledge and skills at the right time.

When given the ‘appropriate and relevant’ tools and resources, learners will be empowered with the knowledge to ensure you’re protected.