Making your workplace
work for you.

Helping to transform your business the way you want.
Giving you time back to work on the things that matter.

Trust is everything.

Our heads are in the tech, but our hearts are in our people.

Most great achievements require a level of trust. Next time you’re miles up in the sky on a 500 tonne tube of soaring metal, sipping coffee from a foam cup, have a think about the person behind the wheel. Well, of course you trust your pilot right? We want you to feel the same with us as we launch you an infinite distance into the ever expanding Cloud.

When it comes to achieving great things, technology is our method, but people are our motive.

Why we do what we do.

We believe work and life can and should co-exist. We’re working towards a world where you can get the most out of your time and have the choice to be productive from anywhere, anytime.

It means more time with family, and the ones you love.

It means accessibility to all, at any stage of your life.

It means seeing new places, or revisiting old ones.

It means taking time to take care of yourself, and doing the things you enjoy.

It means so much more than just Cloud services, and that’s why it means so much to us.

Our story.

How we got here, and where we’re headed.

In 2015, head innovators Tony Tran and Roger Kari gave birth to their brainchild, iThoughts – a company focused on empowering and evolving small businesses through powerful yet easy-to-use cloud platforms.

In 2016, iThoughts became Atarix and continued to develop into the problem-solving partner of many enterprises today.

Looking back at the original ethos first envisioned by Tony and Roger, ATARIX is the ultimate dream come to fruition: from offering cloud tools and resources to help nurture small businesses, to transforming the cloud journeys of multiple corporations, we get our kicks from seeing our dream help others achieve theirs.

And it’s all because of the people: those that make up ATARIX and those who we partner with. Tech may be our language, but at our core, we’re all about the humans behind it all. We want our team to be authentic and human so that our clients get treated as such.

After all, they’re the reason why we’re here, and why we’re able to cultivate a workplace where everyone actually loves what they do.

So whether it’s our people or yours, we may be here for the cloud, but great humans are the silver lining.


Awesome is our end goal.

Whatever we deliver, we aim to make it awesome. And our results speak for us because we’re a passionate, agile group of leaders who bend over backwards to deliver for our clients.

Our hearts are in it.

We’re a tight bunch brought together through our love of tech. This earned trust and ingrained collaboration we share directly benefits our clients. We all just want our talent to make a difference in peoples’ lives

Embrace growth.

We’re a highly driven team. We invite progress and development with open arms in order to do the best work that we possibly can.

Integrity is a non-negotiable.

Accountability and transparency are essential. Trust is a very fragile thing and it takes a long time to build, so we always do what we say and say what we mean.

Fun is fuel.

We’re focused on tech and fueled by fun. It might be considered a workplace here, but it’s also our fun place and we’re sure you’ll have fun working with us too!


We like to treat our clients as partners. We’re not just humming in the background keeping the IT lights blinking, we schedule regular catch up with our clients to ensure they have the right technology and support, and scale our services to suit their growth.

Two peas in a pod:
we grow alongside you.


We’ll take the time to understand your business, your needs, pain points and aspirations. We then identify opportunities for improvement through our products and services. Once we’ve understood these needs, we define transformation objectives.


This is where we plan the journey. We’ll design, build and test the technology foundations. From here, we can gather feedback and make refinements.
Buckle up, time for lift-off.


Our dedicated Customer Success team will provide by-your-side support throughout your journey. This includes helping your staff and users adopt and adapt to the new structure. We also provide our Atarix Managed Services as well as proactive services that we’ll continue to develop and improve.


It’s upwards from here, so we’ll review your business strategy and technology roadmap. We’ll provide a virtual CIO/CISO. You can access our A-team for an entire range of solutions to help your ongoing growth.

Atarix Careers


Want to ride a rocket ship? Join a diverse, creative, fast-growing team that’s changing how we work.