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A thriving company requires high-quality tools so their people can do their best work, and besides the newly installed dishwasher in the kitchen, Microsoft is the tool that turns dreams into realities. But you need to know how to use it and implement it correctly to get the most benefit, and we can definitely help you with that!

We left no stone unturned and passed the tests unscathed – we’re experts on all things Microsoft, and we can partner with you to deliver the right solution for your business. Whether you need to modernise or accelerate your migration path to the cloud, migrate from Windows 10 to Windows 11, or leverage the company’s AI and data analytics capabilities, Atarix has a team of Microsoft masters ready to support your business. Just say the word – we have our Rocky playlist on standby.

Offering enterprise-level consulting services to help your business become more agile and increase productivity, our consultants work with you to identify goals, align solutions with your vision, guide you through a cinematic training montage, and get the most out of your Microsoft investments.

Create a better way for your team to work

Your Microsoft suite has the power to transform the way you work, but it can also create a lot of complexity, like finding out what the official rules of Monopoly are. Whether you’re looking to modernise your environment, or you’re looking to simplify things and optimise costs, we can do it all and leave you to do what you do best!

Our legendary Microsoft consultants have the skills and experience needed to make your infrastructure more efficient by helping you implement solutions that will streamline your day-to-day business operations. We’ll pull out a magnifying glass to study your organisation in-depth, work with you to determine what’s best for your team, and we’ll bring our expertise in cloud computing to ensure that your Microsoft investments are optimised for performance and cost.

Accelerate your business

Businesses depend on productivity and agility to succeed in the modern world, and we want to help you become as productive and agile as possible with your Microsoft stack. By aligning your Microsoft investments with your vision and goals, and by implementing the right solutions for your business, we can help you streamline your operations, increase productivity, and accelerate your business growth faster than you can say ‘Atarix!’.

Our Microsoft consultants can help you modernise your infrastructure to ensure that it’s aligned with the way your team works. They know Microsoft so well you’d think they wrote the company’s manuals! We’ll also help you streamline processes and improve communication within your team by leveraging the power of Microsoft Office 365.

By providing project-based engagements that accelerate the value you get from your Microsoft investments – no matter where you are on your journey – we can ensure the focus stays on planning, implementing, and adopting Microsoft solutions that work in perfect harmony with what you already have. “Microsoft for the win” is our motto, and Atarix’s Microsoft specialists can make your business feel like you’ve won the lotto!

Atarix: The Microsoft Experts.

Atarix is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and managed service provider that offers enterprise-level Microsoft consulting services to Australian businesses. Our consultants work with you to identify goals, align solutions with your vision, and get the most out of your Microsoft investments like a gift card where every cent counts.

Our team is made up of experienced consultants who have a wide range of skills and are committed to helping your business succeed. We have in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft stack, are like a surprisingly focused kid in a toy store when we deploy new solutions, and we’re passionate about helping you get the most out of your tools.

So, whether you’re looking to modernise your IT infrastructure, accelerate the value of your Microsoft investments, explore the unicorn Microsoft platforms that people may have heard of but have never actually seen and used before, or bring Office 365 into your business, get in touch with the Atarix team today.