Azure Infrastructure

Managed Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Our Azure IaaS management will give you peace of mind.

Enterprise-level security
Reduce IT costs
Improved business continuity
Scale up or down as needed
Enhanced flexibility

Easily scale and save costs with our managed Azure IaaS

Even though it sounds like a type of cologne, Azure IaaS is a flexible and scalable infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that enables organisations to bathe in that new-network smell, and deploy and manage virtual machines, containers, networks, storage, and other applications.  

Atarix’s managed Azure IaaS offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the leading Microsoft cloud computing platform. Our cloud experts will simplify your management and operations while also reducing your costs, providing you with a seamless, end-to-end experience. 

Your business needs are always evolving as your business grows and changes to adapt to the world around it. And they can change in an instant, which is why the team at Atarix is here to provide the tools and support needed to drive that change. We’ll touch base regularly to ensure we’re always aligned with your vision and business direction. 

Your business can change rapidly – and Azure is no different

With the Microsoft Azure infrastructure suite, Atarix will take your business applications from the ground, dust them off with good, old-fashioned elbow grease, and have them running into the cloud faster than shoppers during a Black Friday sale. Azure IaaS is well-known for giving businesses the power to scale and be flexible, and we make it better by giving you reliability, performance, security, and time back in your day to focus on the most important thing: growing your business and winning the office trivia competition. 

Just like when you stumble across a show on Netflix that delivers on all fronts, we take our clients through a fulfilling optimisation journey, enhancing your environment to perform at its best. Our managed Azure IaaS services will provide you with a support team to handle the configuration, upkeep, monitoring, and other tasks related to maintaining your service, so the only thing you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your business easily scale and respond to market changes like a highly trained ninja. 

By carefully managing your cloud resources, we can increase the availability and performance of your Azure IaaS environment. We’ll continuously monitor the health of your infrastructure by performing automated tests and deploying updates when needed. 

Our team keeps up for you. You could say we’re on the ball, but we prefer a nice cloud (it’s a lot more comfortable, let us tell you…). If we see an opportunity to optimise, reduce cost or support new features, you’ll be the first to know. 

Azure infrastructure services for your business needs

Batman has Alfred, Sherlock has Watson, Ironman has Jarvis, and you need a partner you can trust to optimise your business critical apps with optimised workloads. That’s why Atarix offers managed Azure IaaS for small and medium businesses. We’ll provide you with expert guidance so you can continue running your business without interruption – you’ve never had a partner like Atarix! 

Led by a team of Azure engineers, we will provide you with a flexible and scalable environment to run your applications and services, while we automate the infrastructure deployment and management. 

Unlike stormtroopers, our Microsoft Azure specialists never miss and will help you quickly create and scale your Azure resources, such as virtual machines, databases, and web apps – all designed around your specific business needs. 

Our Azure management services include:

Managing your Azure environment for maximum security and performance

As a leading managed service provider, we understand the value of staying up to date with the latest technologies to keep your business more relevant than ice cream on a summer’s day. That’s why we provide the best cloud computing services available to ensure your company is performing at its very best. 

Atarix takes a holistic approach to the provisioning and deployment of your applications to ensure that they have the best possible performance and availability. We understand the features, capabilities, and limitations of different Azure services as well as we know the flavours in a Cadbury Favourites box. We can identify areas for improvement that will benefit you most. And thanks to our experience in working with high-performance systems and distributed environments, we know how to build reliable infrastructure that can handle large amounts of data. 

When you partner with Atarix, you benefit from our expert advice, guidance, and support. Our Azure specialists are experienced in all aspects of cloud technology and will work closely with you to ensure that your application performs at its best possible level. 

Drop our friendly team a line today and get started optimising your cloud infrastructure.