Join our team to help give back time for the things that matter.

Have your voice.
Make an impact.

Atarix Team
Team Atarix

Our Purpose and Values

What guides and inspires us to make a difference in the world are our values. It is our true north.

Delivering awesome to our customers.
Trust is everything.
Embrace a growth mindset.
Integrity is a non-negotiable.
Fun is fuel.

Technology is our method but our people are our motive.

A diverse workplace were you can be yourself and belong.

Everyone can show up as their unique selves, have equal opportunity to do meaningful work, and be recognised for a job well done.

We obsess about our values with an environment that welcomes all.

Technology and innovation

Life at Atarix.

Atarix Team

Are you at a point in your career where you feel you can make a bigger difference, and value a culture of embracing growth? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Bring your A-game and come join our team of passionate techos on our mission to give our clients more time back to work on the things that really matter.

Always on the lookout for A-gamers.


People are our Motive

We make work better for everyone—including our own. We know that your best work happens when you live your best life and share your unique talents, so we do everything we can to make that possible for our employees.

Flexible PTO.

Regular fun fueled events.

Paid volunteer time.

Work from anywhere.

Subsidised health memberships.

Annual learning stipends.


We are humbled

Great place to work

2021 Australia’s Best Workplaces™  List, Micro Category by Great Place to Work®

100% of employees say they experience impartiality (treated equally) at Atarix vs. 88% benchmark

100% of Atarix employees saw management as credible (believable, trustworthy) vs. 93% benchmark

100% of Atarix employees found management to have integrity (which aligns to one of Atarix’ core values) vs. 94% benchmark

100% of Atarix employees believe management practices and policies are fair vs. 92% benchmark

100% of Atarix employees feel supported vs. 93% benchmark

100% of employees found collaboration (and problem-solving together) easy at Atarix vs. 91% benchmark – no mean feat considering the exceptional circumstances over the last year with Covid and remote working.