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IT management made easy…

When your business is growing fast and you need to keep up with the competition, what better than to partner with a managed IT service provider to help you optimise costs and improve efficiency. And Atarix is that partner!

Our full range of managed IT services is designed to help you align your IT with your business goals, giving you the technology support needed in today’s dynamic business environment. Our team of certified engineers is ready to handle all your IT needs from day one! We do everything, from server maintenance and network management to software installation and disaster recovery. We can even set up a monitor while juggling 4 balls at a time (it’s all in the wrist).

So, whether you need help managing your existing IT infrastructure or need to implement and manage something new, Atarix is here to help you. You can always rely on our expert certified engineers to brighten your business with a smile.


Turn your IT into your greatest asset

IT is the motor that keeps your business running. It’s like an energy drink with less mysterious ingredients! But if it is not managed properly, it may not be doing your business any favours. But Atarix can turn that around for you!

The Atarix team has extensive knowledge and experience in managing IT. We are certified engineers, with a track record of delivering excellent customer service and impeccable workmanship that puts the ‘icon’ in ‘iconic’.

With a passion for delivering the best possible service to our clients, our goal is to help you achieve your business goals by providing you with the right services and support at the right time.

Make your IT work for you with Atarix.


IT costs spinning out of control?

Technology is becoming more and more important in today’s business environment, so it’s no surprise that IT costs are climbing higher than a mountain goat on a morning stroll.

For your business to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment, you need to ensure that you can keep up. And if you want to stay ahead of the competition (we mean by hurdles and leaps), you need to ensure that your IT costs are under control. That’s where Atarix comes in!

Atarix provides managed IT services designed to help businesses manage their technology resources effectively and efficiently. We offer a full range of managed services designed to meet your specific needs and budget constraints. We can help you optimise your technology costs by helping you implement the right solution for the job – whether it’s installing new servers, upgrading security software, or polishing a computer screen until it sparkles, we can do it all.


Better IT security starts with better IT management

Improved security is a must for businesses in the digital world, and it all begins with digging a moat around your premises. No, we’re just kidding! It’s actually how you manage your IT. With better IT management, you can rest easy knowing that your business is more protected from the many threats that could impact it, such as malicious software, data loss, and identity theft.

We can help you dust off your general’s uniform and take charge of your IT security with a range of managed services designed to protect your business from cyber-attacks. We can install new servers, configure and optimise existing ones, and even manage security software for you. Helping you ensure the integrity of sensitive data, the security of your network, and the safety of your systems is just par for the course with Atarix’s managed IT services.

Let us do the work for you

As a leading managed service provider in Australia, we know what true IT management is, and we aren’t afraid to show you. By leveraging our high-quality vendor partnerships, our team of highly trained and certified IT professionals can help you realise the benefits of managed IT services.

If we’re not counting our skills off the IT courts, helping your business get the most out of its existing technology infrastructure and ensuring that it remains secure is what we do best. We also provide complete solution packages for new systems and applications, so you can stay ahead of your competition by staying up to date. If that’s not everything you need in one place, we don’t know what is.

Get in touch with the Atarix team today to see how we can add value to your business with better IT management.