Managed IT

Let us manage your Cloud.
We’ll keep things ultra-safe, up-to-date
and running oh so smooooothly.

Sick of fighting fires?
Want to free up your time and your team to work on the things that matter?

Thinking of DIY?
Well, just FYI:

Outsourcing the management of these services also reduces the costs and risks associated with building and sustaining internal capabilities.

Our managed services agreements are based on what your business needs and what you want to achieve. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Atarix can manage your entire Cloud infrastructure, giving you peace of mind that your business systems are always protected, up-to-date and running efficiently.

1. Backup

Ensure your data is backed up securely and recovered quickly.

2. Support

Get guidance, advice and technical support to resolve problems.

3. Reports

Ensure your environment is performing as you need it to.

4. Administration

Outsource the creation and management.

5. Maintenance

Keep systems patched and up to date, with regular health reports.

Grab the bull by it’s horns.