Cloud Migration

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Take the leap without the “eep!”. To support businesses making the transition to cloud, our developed framework provides clarity and ensures you’re lined up for success at every step of the way.

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A framework that makes light work of your cloud management

The Atarix Azure Governance Framework is a collection of concepts and services that provide effective control and visibility of your Azure resources.

We assess your environment and create a tailored approach to utilise Azure services for your business. We’ll then provide our tried and proven Governance Framework for a governance strategy best suited to your business.


  • Organising and structuring resources
  • Standardising and defining resources​
  • Ensuring transparency of resources​
  • Enforcing policies and controlling access​


  • Minimise costs with reduced pricing and automation
  • Scale your environment and evolve along with your business
  • Minimise security risks
  • Track cost in greater detail per service or department

Manage & Monitor

Have your applications in cloud and centrally managed by Cloud experts. While regular reporting ensures that you understand the current situation and can plan the future of your business applications.

Outsourcing the management of these services reduces the costs and risks associated with building and sustaining internal capabilities.

Our managed services agreements are based on what your business needs and what you want to achieve. Nothing more, Nothing less.

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