It’ll be love at first site

Connect and engage staff with all the information they need in one place.

Atarix & Valo Intranet Services

It’s crucial to today’s world that employees are not only looked after, but they have centralised hub that provides a single digital experience to help them stay productive and engaged.

Something like this needs to be simple to use so staff can find what they need, fast.

Also that it supports business operations with resources such as templates for communications, HR, and other documents to support various business functions consistently.

Atarix Intranet

Looking for a simple one-stop-shop for your staff to access key news, company policies and their files? No dramas.

Manage workspaces easily

File Management

Group metadata

Quick access to Teams, Planner, SharePoint Sites, Yammer and OneNote

Valo Intranet

Round them up or reel them in. Organise your groups in one view and access each team’s collaboration tools quickly. Plus, use search to locate documents and discussions easily.

Manage workspaces easily

Create your own templates

File Management

Group metadata

Quick access to Teams, Planner, SharePoint Sites, Yammer and OneNote

Motivate to share ideas

Reward creativity

Track ideas and capture insights

Your key Elements…

Need to make important announcements? Easy. Just use the news alert pop up on the front page.

Publish news across the organisation or target by groups, while readers can engage with comments and likes.

Navigate quickly to promote content via the Intranet page.

Create dedicated FAQs as needed with dynamic, user friendly UI and question categories.

Keep track of upcoming internal events, training and conferences.

Utilise SharePoint’s powerful search experience to locate relevant information fast and easy.

You’ll be able to introduce the best people for the right positions by using our in-house recruiting tools.

Our intuitive publishing platform makes sharing content with co-workers easy and fun.

Use ready-made templates for common forms such as holiday applications and expense claims.

Intuitive page templates have everything necessary in place, so you can focus on the content.

Publish and analyse quick surveys on the Intranet. Get insights from your employees.

Provide an in-house marketplace where people can sell, buy and donate items.