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Deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure with one click

Virtualisation is not something we lifted out of the Matrix. It provides a way for employees to securely access their work-related files from any device, which gives them the flexibility to work from home or on-the-go, to increase productivity and reduce costs – it’s like one of those backpacks that somehow manage to fit everything inside. And of all virtual desktop solutions available, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is one of the leading remote desktop services available to you. 

Azure gives you a flexible, secure way to run your virtual machines and applications from any location. Your in-house IT team can spend less time maintaining legacy desktop infrastructure, while your people will benefit from increased collaboration, access to corporate resources, and an awesomely named solution that’ll make your IT network cooler than a cucumber in a leather jacket. 

When your users log into an Azure Virtual Desktop environment, they should feel like they’re living in a luxury car commercial. They should have a seamless experience with all the features that you have built into your organisation’s standards and policies. Atarix supplies you with the Azure VIP treatment and works with you to provision and manage your AVD environment to ensure that your people have the best possible experience when accessing AVD from any location. 

By providing customised access to this robust cloud computing platform, Atarix helps organisations to avoid vendor lock-in while also increasing the user experience and overall productivity. With us, there’s no need to stress. Kick back, grab an ice-cold beverage, and bask in the glory that is your AVD-powered business. 

Azure Virtual Desktop services and solutions for your remote working team

What do you get when you cross cutting-edge technology and long-term business efficiency? You get a virtual desktop! Here’s what we mean. Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a hosted desktop environment that allows you to deploy a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud and use it as your primary workstation. After returning to the ground, the cloud consultants at Atarix will help you take advantage of Azure’s powerful infrastructure and advanced security features, while saving valuable time and money. 

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Atarix offers a safe, secure environment where you can store confidential data and perform sensitive tasks without worrying about security. Our team of AVD engineers provide a full range of consulting and management services to help your business deliver powerful, secure, and scalable solutions using Microsoft technologies – there’s no such thing as too much Microsoft in our books!  

Our Azure consultants offer a full range of cloud consulting (minus the airfare) and management services to help your business get the most efficient use out of your virtualised environment. Like Tron, we’ll don our helmets and help with everything from initial deployment to ongoing management, giving you the freedom to focus on your business and not on the infrastructure.

When combined with all the tools that Microsoft offers with M365, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft office, it allows users to securely connect through a virtual machine providing secure access for remote workers and contingent staff. This will enable your users to work together more effectively across the organisation, even when they are not in the same physical location. It sounds like fantasy, but trust us, there are no dragons here – just innovative business technology!

From setup to ongoing management, we’ll handle the daily challenge of provisioning, managing, and operating your Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure so you can focus on your business, and leave the little details and cloud gazing to us.

Managing your Azure environments for optimal performance

As companies say “see you later” to physical offices and embrace remote working environments, they need to keep more data available for their employees to use. Azure Virtual Desktop will keep your data available and ensure that it is secure. But maintaining a virtual desktop on top of running your business can be difficult, time-consuming, and can leave you with more questions than a Christopher Nolan film. 

Atarix is here to save the day. Our AVD services provide an additional level of control over user access, compliance, and security. The platform offers powerful security features such as tight access controls and automatic updates, making it easier for you to become the supreme ruler of your IT network by controlling the use of devices and protecting sensitive data, while ensuring employee productivity.  

Led by a team of skilled consultants, we’ll help you build, operate, and manage your virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure. We have a wide range of services to help you deal with the complexity of configuring, maintaining, and scaling your virtual desktop services. We’ll keep your data secure, so it’s not gone with the digital wind because, frankly, that wouldn’t do!  

With a full range of AVD services – starting with design, deployment, and management – Atarix will keep your virtual desktop environment operating at high performance, integrate it with your existing systems, and reduce costs by simplifying operations. And get this, our team will also manage any security and compliance issues, and should you choose, opt-in for disaster recovery planning in the event of any unexpected incidents. If you have to ask if there’s anything we don’t do, we’ve made ourselves as clear as glass!  

Our managed Azure Virtual Desktop services include:

Atarix AVD services have your desktops fully covered

AVD provides rich, scalable, and secure virtual desktops for distributed users to use on-demand – and Atarix takes it to an 11 by offering the most cost-effective solutions to provide access to your applications and desktops for your people and remote workers. 

By leveraging Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Atarix will provide dedicated, high-performance private virtual desktops that are accessible anywhere, anytime, for your users. Our team will manage your entire environment, eliminating your need for extra hardware or software licences and reducing overall maintenance costs. Keep the manuals with the unnecessarily tiny font in the drawer – we’ve got them memorised like the backs of our virtual desktops!   

We offer a vast array of managed IT services for businesses of every industry: IT support, advanced cyber security solutions, managed endpoints, digital transformation, Microsoft consulting, modern workplace, and much more. When you partner with Atarix, you gain access to our full business IT consulting services and a team of technology experts who are up to date with the latest IT resources and developments. 

Together, we can ensure that you have a properly configured environment at all times and are able to react to changes in your IT landscape faster than you can say ‘AVD!’ Talk to our friendly team now, and let’s get started optimising your ideal virtual desktop infrastructure with our Azure managed services.