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Cyber security is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. We’re a team of experts in the field who empower your organisation to take control of your IT security. Our proactive approach to security eliminates the need for reactive, piecemeal solutions.

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The best defence is a good offence

Businesses are under increasing pressure to protect their data while keeping up with the pace of technological change. And the need for business leaders to secure their IT systems is now a top priority. Smart businesses are investing in the latest technology and tools to help them combat cybercrime because they understand that the cost of a data breach can be far greater than the cost of prevention.

We must adopt the mindset of “warriors” by taking active measures to protect themselves from cybercrime and strengthening their security posture so that we can respond quickly if an attack does occur, and Atarix’s managed security services can ensure this happens.

Our team of security specialists are like ninjas in the night as they prowl around your environment, making sure that it is as secure as possible. This helps protect against any attacks which may take place and ensures that your business can continue to operate without interruption.

When it comes to cybercrime, there are so many new threats making their way into the public eye all the time, and you need to be aware of them all to be prepared.

At Atarix, we will help you identify and understand what is happening in your IT environment so that we can protect, detect, and respond to any malicious attacks with Microsoft’s latest technology. We will also guide you through a process of change by helping you assess where and how vulnerabilities may exist within your network infrastructure and then make recommendations on how best to address them.

You’ll have a clear picture of what needs attention before an attack takes place – which means that there will be less chance for a breach or data loss from happening in the first place!


Strong security and risk mitigation is all in the assessments

Security breaches are on the rise, but with the right team taking proactive steps to mitigate your risk, you’ll be in a much better position.

Security assessments are an essential part of any mitigation strategy, and we use the latest tools and techniques to identify areas of risk that could potentially lead to a breach. Not only do we offer regular monitoring, but we also offer consultancy services to help you assess your security posture and provide advice on how best to remediate.

Our consultants have years of experience in designing, implementing and operating security systems for some of the biggest companies in Australia, so we know what works, and what doesn’t.

We’re not just here to provide you with a report, we want to work with you to ensure the right security is in place to protect your business.


A security baseline that provides solid protection

Our Atarix baseline provides enterprise-grade protection against anyone trying to access your company data, but what about what’s happening on the inside?

With additional services to protect, detect, and respond to security threats, we can uplift your level of security to ensure your data is ironclad.

Using the latest in cloud technology, we leverage intelligence to create a baseline of activity for your business and flag anything that deviates from this. This helps to ensure that your business is protected from any cyber threats – and even from the threat of internal staff or contractors who may be trying to access your data.

Paired with the Atarix security add-ons, it provides you with the extra security you need to protect your company against cyber-attacks, allowing you to focus on what matters most: providing a great service to your customers!


Keep your business safe by protecting what matters most

Your IT infrastructure is critical to all operations. It is the backbone of your business and if that infrastructure is compromised, your business can suffer significant financial and reputational losses.

Atarix’s managed security services are designed to protect your business from cybercrime, including the protection of your data and the security of your network infrastructure. Our team members will assess your existing security posture to provide you with an action plan that will help you achieve the level of security you need. This includes recommendations on how to better manage your IT environment and ensure it is as secure as possible – making it less susceptible to any cyberattacks that might occur.

We take a proactive approach to cyber security management, so you can be in the best possible position to protect your business. We will ensure that the right security measures and best practices are in place to help keep your business safe and protected from cyber-attacks.

And we also offer monitoring services which ensure that we keep an eye on everything that’s going on within your environment. This allows us to quickly detect a potential threat and take action to protect your business.

Don’t just sit back and wait for an attack to happen – take action now!

Proactive protection with a human touch

Atarix is a premium managed IT service provider with a Microsoft Gold Partner status, so we know our stuff.

We know how important it is to have a secure environment that’s well managed, and we’re here to help you take the right steps to ensure your business has the best possible security posture by giving you access to a team of highly trained and experienced experts who are always on standby to help you.

Proactively protecting a company is only part of the solution – we also provide you with the best possible technology and tools to help you stay ahead of any threats or attacks that may come your way.

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