Why mergers and acquisitions are easier with SASE solutions

Partnering with other companies (or acquiring them) in order to expand business opportunities is a practice that will not head out the door any time soon. Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) allow organisations to access new markets and improve financial results – who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

But, sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Business’ information technology (IT) tools have grown more sophisticated in the last few years. This means data and the solutions employees use to access it has become infinitely more sensitive, making entire IT networks the targets of cyber threats.  

And when are these infrastructures even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks? That’s right, during M&As. Luckily, there are cyber security solutions businesses can use to enhance their systems’ safety and data security. Of them all, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) holds the trophy for the easiest way to secure M&As.

A simple overview of SASE

Pronounced ‘sassy’ like a chihuahua that enjoys the finer things in life, SASE is a cloud framework that mixes cloud security services and network capabilities into a convenient security product. With SASE, organisations can widen the scope of their internal digital security measures to encapsulate their entire business network, including devices at the edge. 

Think of it like a force field. If a business is nestled inside the field, employees and devices can enjoy the security capabilities the company offers internally. When people work remotely, they are outside the force field’s protection, making themselves more susceptible to cyber threats. SASE allows users to increase the size of the field to protect their organisation’s attack surface, regardless of its size.

With SASE, business leaders can feel better knowing their company’s external endpoints are protected with the same level of security as their internal ones – an absolute must during mergers and acquisitions.

What is SASE comprised of?

In the cloud security solutions space, SASE is a cornucopia that provides users with a slew of networking and cloud security tools.

They consist of:

Firewall as a service (FWaaS)

SWGs protect IT environments and their users from falling victim to cyber threats from the internet. It does this by blocking vulnerable traffic as it attempts to access systems.

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)

Without being technical, SD-WAN makes it easier for authorised users to manage network traffic between software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, the internet, and data centres.

Centralised management

Essentially the brain of a SASE framework, centralised management consolidates all the security services into one place. This makes it easier to monitor them, reduce complexity, and create a cohesive security environment.

Cloud access security broker (CASB)

Cloud access security brokers combine various security regulations surrounding a business’s cloud applications, enforcing them to ensure that cloud resources are being used securely and appropriately.

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA)

A glass-half-empty kind of tool (but in the best way possible), ZTNA trusts nobody and restricts network access to all, including authorised users. Zero-trust policies provide users with highly secure access channels to company resources.

5 benefits of using SASE during mergers and acquisitions

M&As are meant to bring out the best in companies. But when service offerings are put on hold, or IT solutions are in the office one day and gone the next, everything can feel like it’s being tossed in the air. Confusion is rampant, people have more questions than a dictionary has words… we can’t afford to have ineffective cyber security solutions too. 

But with Secure Access Service Edge tools, businesses can leverage cloud security services to make the entire process safe and streamlined. 

Here are five key benefits of using SASE during mergers and acquisitions:

Unified security controls – Multiple businesses working together can’t afford to have different levels of security in place. SASE provides organisations with a unified security model that makes sure the authorised policies that we use in-house extend to all parts of our IT infrastructure, meaning fewer security pain points and more cohesion.

Scalable security – SASE is a very scalable security system and can easily be adapted to fit the needs of larger networks. This makes it ideal for businesses that are merging, as it can quickly and efficiently scale up to accommodate the increased workload.

Cost-effective – as SASE is cloud-delivered, it eliminates the need for multiple security investments. This can help to reduce IT costs associated with the merger or acquisition and ensure that the overall budget is not blown out. It also works wonders for consolidating IT infrastructures.

Increased visibility – SASE’s cloud security services provide increased visibility over a business’s security measures. This can help locate vulnerabilities during an M&A and ensure that the relevant parties are properly protected.

Mitigate risks – by applying zero-trust models to access policies, we can minimise the chances of our systems being compromised while they’re transitioning into a new network.

A smooth M&A is often a rewarding experience, one that prioritises employee wellbeing and data safety. SASE offers both of these and more to supply users with a security framework suited for the modern business landscape. 

Need cyber security solutions for an M&A? Call Atarix

M&As are a great way for organisations to expand their influence, network, and increase their value. But with cyber security threats on the rise, these types of transactions have become increasingly complicated. 

At Atarix, our network security services can supply any business with the security and IT solutions they need during an M&A, optimising the user experience with security tools that are more dynamic than a flying car. Contact us today to implement SASE’s cloud security services to save you money, time, and hassle during a turning point in your company’s growth.