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Secure devices

OOO without the “AHH!”

Employees are accessing organisational data remotely more than ever, so make sure your business has the necessary controls to ensure your IP and sensitive data is safe. Let your employees work wherever they need to with a complete and secure device management solution.

1. Separate work and personal on the device

Considering a BYO device policy? Manage your employee devices without impacting the employee’s personal data. Leveraging Microsoft’s Intune mobile device management software, you can target sensitive business data, ensure devices meet security requirements and perform selective wipes whilst leaving personal data separate from these controls.

2. Enforce security standards​​

Crims and hackers can be nifty, but don’t worry, so are we. Ensure that devices connected to sensitive business data are continuously updated to protect and mitigate risk. Enforce minimum device standards to employee devices before they access company data.

3. Identity and access security​

As the locations users are working from continue to expand, how are you ensuring those accessing sensitive business data are actually who they say they are? Trust only authorised users are accessing business data will multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies.

4. Application Management​

Work in confidence, even from accidental leakage. Deploy policies that ensure only approved applications are accessing corporate data and that data can’t be copied and pasted or shared out of approved applications. Don’t want to enrol your devices? You can still manage how your users are accessing corporate data by managing the applications only.

5. Security conscious working culture

Enable your users to make informed, security decisions with training from our expert consultants.

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