Case studies

Cloud and proud.

While no two jobs are the same, the outcome always is: increased productivity, improved communication and collaboration, and enhanced security. Here’s a few success stories from our happy customers.

Modernising flexible work.
Managed end-to-end.

Vestone Capital provide flexible asset financing solutions for organisations, to help them scale and seize new opportunities, or transform with new technology.

With the Atarix Modern Workplace solution, coupled with Security, Virtual Desktop, Managed Network and Unified Communications, Vestone Capital were able to provide their staff with the most effective tools, so their team can focus on delivering a better service to their clients.

The Challenge

Previously known as Macquarie Equipment Rentals, Vestone Capital was born as a joint venture between Macquarie Group and Mitsubishi HC Capital. Coming from Macquarie Lending, their biggest challenge was to completely move away from a 20-year-old business and separate their IT from Macquarie Group, whilst still operating efficiently and maintaining an enterprise-level of security. Flexibility and security needed to go hand in hand.

This divestiture wasn’t just about accelerating business growth but also to move into a new era in modernising their platforms and revamp how they do business starting with technology. This business transformation meant moving away from paper forms and manual processes to digitised forms and automated workflows.

The Solution

How did we do it?

This partnership started with understanding and goal setting. We worked together with Macquarie Group to understand Vestone Capital’s future needs well before the joint venture was formed and aligned their transition plans to our solutions. This meant re-platforming as much of their existing business technology footprint, including applications and collaboration needs without disrupting the existing business.

Focus was on maintaining security controls that were in place by a large investment bank with a sizeable technology team and applying them to a new cloud-first mindset under Vestone Capital.

Leveraging Microsoft cloud platforms, we minimised technology sprawl, focusing on the best experience for their staff where technology where systems just ‘talked to each other’.

“The Atarix team have been instrumental in supporting our business and quickly become a trusted partner for all our technology needs. The time spent to understand the business, provide appropriate options, and support us through implementation have been nothing short of superior.”

-Marc Oldfield, Vestone Capital COO

As Managed Services are our bread and butter, we provide ongoing support and guidance for Vestone Capital in all the above areas, ensuring they are achieving the most out of the technologies they have, to help meet their business goals.

The Value

After going through a few lockdowns in Sydney through the pandemic, we had the future in mind and designed their solution so their whole cloud infrastructure, applications, and Windows 10 devices were secured and managed from anywhere, allowing their employees to not only be able to work effectively during lockdown but also in the future having the choice to be productive from anywhere, in the world of flexible working.

Achieving a seamless transition, which ultimately led to Vestone’s clients having faster submission, faster approvals, better quality, and efficient service.

With all the right tools in place, they will continue to see the value they’re receiving.

duty calls.

You can’t keep your eyes on the streets when you’re stuck in an office.

NSW Police needed to enable officers to accomplish work from any device and from any location. This project involved highly sensitive data and a need for collaborative working environment amongst a national lockdown.



With the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, we were able to provide the NSW Police with the perfect tools to drive efficiency and increase collaboration and productivity for all of their projects and teams. Some of the most useful features included live chat, online meetings, and web conferencing capabilities.

Our innovative remote working services allowed the team to adapt quickly to the drastic changes imposed by COVID-19 restrictions, and to swiftly transition to Teams before the Skype Online platform was discontinued. Their first broadcasted Live Event, the inaugural Technology Town Hall, took place during the COVID-19 lockdown and included approximately 500 remote attendees.

By integrating these tools into their framework, the NSW Police are able to carry out a large portion of their work away from the office computer and on the move.

Launching a Telco on a mobile workplace: Good Call.

Agile workplace? It’s no surprise that a cutting-edge Telco team would be into roaming.

NuMobile was preparing to hit the market and the timeframe was tight. They were looking for a partner that could deliver a digital workplace that was both agile and secure. Seeing as this was their launch, it was extremely important that there were no hiccups in the leadup.

They needed a trusted partner to ensure that their office networks and computing was professionally developed and managed, while meeting the strict requirements of their stakeholders.



Atarix implemented the Microsoft 365 solution as NuMobile’s core digital workplace and worked to ensure their collaboration and governance requirements were met. By doing this, we were able to support the agile way that many new businesses operate in, while allowing mobility and collaboration.

AAT + WFH = A-OK: Keeping the show rolling during COVID-19 lockdown.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) reviews decisions made by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies. Previously, all meetings were conducted onsite using AV equipment in meetings rooms. With a rapid shift into working from home, we were asked to help with enabling AAT staff to remotely host hearings and meetings during COVID-19.

Although the timeframe was tight, these solutions had to align to the DTA’s strict PROTECTED utility controls, so security was at the forefront of this project.



In the short timeframe that was given, Atarix was able to implement the Microsoft 365 solution to over 300 AAT staff, with a focus on the Microsoft Teams Meeting and Conferencing capability. This enabled staff to conduct meetings and conferencing remotely, allowing the agency to continue to operate and serve the public. Beyond the immediate COVID-19 challenges that we were able to overcome, the transition over the cloud has helped the team optimise processes and change how they work. With Cloud technology, the staff are on the journey to become more efficient and flexible in their workplace.