Microsoft Teams Free vs Teams Premium: Are they worth it?

In a world where customers can interact with businesses 24/7 and employees require collaborative solutions to remain more connected than a stable Wi-Fi connection, organisations ought to be considering what communication and collaboration platforms they need to streamline their projects and processes. Microsoft Teams (Teams for short) is a versatile and powerful tool that needs to be on everyone’s mind!

But with the various forms of Teams available and all the finite details that come with them, it can be confusing for organisations – from small businesses to large companies – to decide which version of Teams has their name on it. 

Never fear. This article will provide business owners with an overview of Microsoft Teams Premium and its free counterpart to help them decide on the solution that will lead to more productive workplace collaborations

An overview of Microsoft Teams

Just some background info: Teams is a workplace communication and collaboration platform with the ability to merge with and leverage other productivity applications to enhance its assets, allowing users to customise the platform to their specific business needs. Teams is like a toolbox for collaborative solutions. It serves as a singular location for users to coordinate tasks, share documents, and keep in touch with co-workers no matter their location.

While Teams can be procured on its own, it’s also available in Microsoft 365 subscriptions. These models provide us with access to the Microsoft 365 business productivity suite – a selection of workplace tools designed to improve employee efficiency and streamline organisational processes. 

Some of Teams’ essential (or foundational) features include:

Whether they source Teams through a Microsoft Office 365 subscription or procure it on its own, business leaders can rest assured that they will have a range of communication channels – packaged into a convenient hub – to streamline flexible working and take everyone’s productivity to stratospheric levels!

What is Teams Premium?

Teams Premium refers to a licence that gives its users additional tools and abilities to tailor their Teams platform, ultimately enhancing the collaborative solutions that enable teamwork and effective information sharing. 

To use it, the Premium add-on requires companies to pay for each user each month, making it much easier for business owners to reduce unnecessary expenses regarding their Teams-powered collaborative solutions. We know that budgeting can be a pain in the neck, but Premium’s easy-peasy payment model takes the stress away faster than ice melts in the sun.  

Teams’ premium features are numerous. Some of them include:

Premium is meant to upgrade and enhance the communicative and collaborative solutions that are already present within Teams. It’s just what the doctor ordered; any company leader that wants to customise their team meetings and streamline their management ought to look into Teams Premium. 

What is the free version of Teams?  

Microsoft Teams Free offers the baseline functionality and tools of Teams without requiring anybody to invest in a paid plan. Even though it’s not as advanced as Premium’s bells and whistles, the free version of Microsoft Teams can still supply users with the high levels of usability and convenience that define Microsoft’s business solutions (and it’s all for free, so that’s a bonus!). 

Microsoft Teams Free supports the following:

Microsoft Teams Free (and its classic, foundational features) is a smart investment for companies that are looking for a basic, cost-effective way to improve efficiency and productivity with secure collaborative solutions. Teams Free can do it all. From giving employees a platform to meet and organise work, to providing a secure document-sharing hub to keep crucial projects moving at the speed of light, Microsoft Teams Free is a versatile tool that can help push any business toward its goals.  

How to decide on Teams Free and Teams Premium

There are numerous factors to keep in mind when deciding on which version of Teams is the right one for your organisation. Premium’s exclusive features for collaboration and meeting security are not available with Teams’ free version. 

Depending on the size of the organisation and its goals, this might not be a cause for concern. Simplicity is never a bad thing, after all. But if a business is preparing to scale up or is already a large size, Teams Free may not supply it with the collaborative solutions it needs to remain stable at such a level. In this case, Teams Premium is the treasure your company is after.

On the other hand, if a smaller business does not require advanced features, or its managers and teams want a cost-efficient, intuitive solution that can support daily workflows, Teams Free may be the gold idol they’re looking for.

At the same time, deciding on an IT investment takes time and thoughtful consideration. When choosing between Teams Premium and Teams Free, every decision should be based on:

Microsoft Teams Free or Premium? Ask the Microsoft experts

Your business’s collaborative solutions need to be able to keep up with your growth. Microsoft Teams Free is a cost-effective solution that can provide you with all the basics you need for a productive workplace. If you’re looking for more advanced features or security, consider Teams Premium. 

The Microsoft Teams consultants at Atarix can help you choose between Free and Premium, configure your Teams platform for optimal performance, and maintain it with responsive, reliable support.