Fan of Remote Working but miss their faces? Hello Hybrid.

“Switch it off and on again.”

Sound advice in a lot of cases. When the pandemic hit, employers thought working from home was impossible. But then they found that not only could it work, but it also had some unexpected benefits too. More family time, emptier laundry baskets.

Savvy business leaders have cottoned on that they can’t go back to the old ways of working. There is no reset button. ‘Switch it off and on again’ is not the answer. Rather than resist the inevitable, leaders are embracing this change.

In fact, one of the main reasons our founders, Tony Tran and Roger Kari, started Atarix was because they believed that work and life can and should co-exist. It’s why Atarix has always been about more than just Cloud services – it’s about more time with loved ones, taking the time to take care of yourself, and doing the things that you enjoy. Feels good to grab your laptop, head down to the park, and work for a couple of hours in the sunshine, right? Your work life should seamlessly slot into life, not hamper it.

Championing a hybrid working model

According to Microsoft Worklab, 73% of employees want flexible work to stay, but 67% are desperate for face-to-face contact and collaboration. It’s this delicate balance that leaders need to master.

So, what is hybrid working? It’s giving your employees the best of both worlds (see diagram).

Hybrid diagram

It’s a big mental shift, but here are 5 strategies to help support the shift to hybrid.

Create a people plan

Your plan needs a clear vision that puts people at the centre. Atarix ensures that employees will have the right tools and products to support hybrid working and that companies can breathe easy knowing we’ve put the proper security measures in place. It’s crucial that employees feel empowered for extreme flexibility. Keep innovating.

Invest in technology

We take the burden off of our clients by creating a digital workplace solution that we support, scale and optimise specifically for their business. Some of our clients have opted for a BYO device policy, so we’ve installed a system that allows us to manage employee devices securely without impacting the employee’s personal data.

Combat digital exhaustion from the top

Adopting a hybrid model shouldn’t mean burdening yourself with extra responsibilities. We manage our clients’ services for them, providing strategic insights and recommendations of how to go about implementing a hybrid model, and peace of mind that your business systems are always protected, up-to-date and running smoothly.

Rebuild your culture

Shake up your culture. At Atarix, we get proactive when it comes to face-to-face team time – from karaoke to pizza and beer nights. But it’s not just about the beer (OK maybe sometimes it is). Our collaboration tools are customised to ensure that we are growing and thriving together. For example, Microsoft Teams lets us use the Channels feature to ensure that everyone working on a specific project can give each other updates as one big group. It minimises one-to-one chats, helping people feel less siloed and isolated.

Rethink the Employee Experience

With over 40% of employees considering leaving their employer this year, you’re going to want to embrace flexibility to retain and attract the top talent. And as we shift to hybrid, the need for an employee experience platform that brings wellbeing, knowledge, engagement, and learning together in a digital world is critical.

Have questions on how to bring your organisation into the world of hybrid work to support work-life balance? Contact us here at or call 1300 ATARIX.