Happy to be here: The employee experience reimagined.

Have you ever started a passion project, amped and ready to explore it in the beginning, but then halfway down the line that excitement loses its momentum, and what was once something you were passionate about, now feels like a chore?

Creating a better Employee Experience

Sometimes that can happen when we start a new job. The excitement is real, you’re rearing to tackle the challenges that lay ahead, plus orientation highlighted why this new place was such a great place to work.

But then the cracks start to show. Tasks are taking longer to do because the new company doesn’t have the proper tech in place to support them. You’re battling to establish a rapport with your new colleagues because there aren’t suitable collaboration tools you can use. It’s like painting the walls without primer – if you only focus on the façade and ignore the foundation, the cracks start to turn into gaping holes.

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and the proof of that is when a company creates a workplace that allows teams to collaborate, innovate and create together seamlessly. Transforming your digital workplace is about providing the most productive employee experience possible.

At Atarix, it’s key that our employees define our culture and identity. When our mission states that we want “to give you your life back and allow you to spend more time on the relationships that matter”, you better believe we’re doing everything we can to build a work experience that lives up to the boldness of that mission. The happy icing on the cake was recently being recognised as A Great Place to WorkTM by our employees, humbling us and making everything we’ve done so far worth it and more.

As one of our Cloud Consultants, Cain Verlinden, described Atarix, “Well I can tell you that it feels great. Really great. Not to sound cheesy or cliched, but working at Atarix I honestly do look forward to work when I wake up. Most people I meet are constantly looking for their dream job, but I can tell you that I’ve already found mine.” (we won’t lie, we choked up a bit).

But it doesn’t stop there, because the nature of our employees’ work will continue to evolve and grow, and we need to change and grow with it. You should always be looking for opportunities to ask yourself, ‘But how can we do it better?’

Here’s how you can liberate employees by removing the barrier of frustrations:

Frictionless devices

Need to pull together some important stats for your urgent report, but your device isn’t letting you access the websites you need to make it happen? Employees are able to achieve more – and be less frustrated – when they’re able to conveniently access sites, apps, documents, and data that help them to do their job.

Seamless access

The first day on the job can always feel like a write-off because most of it is spent trying to get everything working and connected to your device. Imagine turning on a brand-new laptop and everything you need to do your work is already there and connected? Access should be seamless and take minutes, not hours. We use Windows Autopilot to preconfigure new devices and get them shipped direct to each of our client’s employees, so they’re able to log in and access everything they need immediately, from anywhere.

Virtual collaboration

True collaboration means that no one ever feels excluded. In Teams, record your meetings so that anybody that is off sick or has something unexpected come up, can catch up. Working from home and wondering if your colleague is available to chat? Just check their status in Teams to see if they’re available, it’ll save you from having to play phone tag.

Have questions on how to give your employees the best experience possible? Contact us here at hello@atarix.com.au or call 1300 ATARIX for a complimentary Analysis and Discovery session with our expert Cloud Consultants.

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