How can a Microsoft modern workplace help shape the future of work for SMEs in Australia?

The continuation of SMEs to adopt cloud technology. Businesses that were regimented and resistant to change are now being forced to modernise and to transform. Off the back of this change, SMEs are increasingly shifting towards cloud technologies, which will eventually become the new norm. 

Heading into the pandemic, the remote access scenario for many SMEs was a rare occurrence. If staff needed to, they would take their laptops home and VPN into a server in the office, and they’d perform the work they need, to get a critical function out. That’s going to change.

Small businesses need to create a more seamless working environment. To VPN into an office is clunky, and it doesn’t work and can be slow. So how do you promote secure, flexible, remote working? Adopting modern cloud technologies to foster a seamless experience. 

Employees want the same experience when you pick up a laptop at home, as you would when you’re on the computer in the office. Everything is quick, smooth and seamless and employees want that same experience when they work from home. Previously organisations were nervous about investing in these seamless remote capabilities but now, we are forced to disrupt the status quo. It’s all about meeting the customer where they are today and setting them up for where they will be in the future.

In the past, the inability for SMEs to afford enterprise technologies that allowed staff to work seamlessly, has become more attainable, where most cloud platforms have subscription-based pricing models. Previously, options were limited and large IT projects were a costly endeavour to execute. With automation and a subscription-based cloud model, the technology required to create a modern workplace is more affordable for SMEs.

With the Atarix Microsoft Modern Workplace packages for SMEs, two great examples illustrate the flexibility this solution can offer:

  1. The first example is a financial planning client. A mature, stable, quite established business that’s not looking to scale.The organisation hadn’t adopted a modern workplace until they chose to partner with Atarix two years ago. Prior to the pandemic, despite having the right tools and proper training, they worked remotely when needed, but it wasn’t the norm. Once pandemic hit and lockdowns were enforced, the continuity of the business relied on remote and flexible work, this became business as usual.Equipping stable, mature businesses with the right technology allows them to work flexibly when needed. That is one of the ways Atarix can help small to medium businesses.
  2. On the other side of town, there is a client who is rapidly growing. Some of them are tech-savvy enough that up until now, they’ve done it themselves. They’ve got the right tech in the business, and they’ve got the right smarts, but they’ve hit a point where they wanted to outsource to experts, allowing their staff to refocus their time back on what they do best and what they’ve been originally hired to do. Atarix can take care of all their Microsoft modern workplace needs in a scalable way, and they can outsource all management to focus on their core business.

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