No more mucking around: Microsoft 365 means business.

Seven brands of Tupperware in the pantry and none of the lids match. The awkward sidewalk dance with a total stranger. Trying every door key and realising it was actually the first one.

Life lacks synergy, but work doesn’t have to. Every day we see new applications and software being designed and released to the market, offering to make our work-lives easier and streamline our processes. While these solutions sound good in theory, finding the right software to fit your needs can be extremely difficult, not to mention costly if you get it wrong. And finding the right applications is just the beginning, because you can’t just throw them all into a pen and expect them to play nice. You need to ensure they’re all compatible.

Or you could go with a suite of software systems designed to work seamlessly together.

Presenting the swiss army knife of business software: Microsoft 365. It’s designed to support your business, no matter the size, with all the tools to aid productivity and collaboration in one place. Let’s look at the top Microsoft 365 must-have features for a business of any size:

Exchange online

An essential key communication channel. Loathe those Friday afternoon emails a little bit less with Microsoft 365’s simple, secure Cloud-based email service.

Sharepoint online and onedrive

Launch those files into the Cloud and easily access them from any device, anywhere with seamless team collaboration. This also ensures your files aren’t at risk of single points of failure.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate seamlessly with this vital tool that connects remote workplaces. With chat, video and voice, the service allows your team to get things done all from one place, using files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Secure protection of your IP. A must-have for easy device management and endpoint security. It’s capable of updating and managing all organisational devices centrally from one place, to make sure users are only accessing business data from approved, secure, and managed devices.

And with an evergreen solution like Microsoft 365, you’ll be invested in a future-focused platform that continually improves. You’ll pleasantly find new helpful features which are added as often as weekly – without massive software rollouts for each update.

If you’re ready to transition to a seamless suite of products that supports every aspect of your business, Atarix is here to help. Our team will tailor a deployment around your requirements and timeframes in order to make it happen with minimal disruption.

Don’t get left behind in the wake of digital transformation. We’ll get you going, so you can keep growing.