Unified Communications & Telephony

“Hi, Teams Calling”: Stay connected on every device
Your secret snack drawer might only exist in your office, but your phone number doesn’t have to. With the power of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Calling, we can allow businesses and their employees the flexibility and portability to move beyond the traditional four walls and still be connected.

Got a phone system that no longer fits in this hybrid environment?
Let’s streamline interactions with staff, customers and partners today!

Freedom of speech comes at a (very reasonable) price.

Teams Phone allows you to assign a phone number to place and receive calls on any device running Microsoft Teams, from anywhere in the world.

Through a subscription service in the Cloud, Microsoft Teams Phone simplifies business telephony by removing the need for complicated and expensive equipment.

Benefits of Microsoft
Teams Phone

A digital workplace solution that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft 365 services.

Unified Communications
Allowing for more collabs than Snoop Dogg, Microsoft Teams Phone unifies communications while providing a world class collaboration platform. It streamlines interactions with staff, customers, and partners.

Flexibility and Portability
Be flexible without having to bend over backwards. Business users have one number that can be used for placing and receiving calls across multiple devices (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile or Deskphone) running Teams from anywhere in the world.

Managed PBX
No call too complicated. Microsoft Teams supports complex call flow scenarios with a full range of PBX features for advanced routing, auto attendant and call centre functionality.

Get visibility into the inbound and outbound calls made through detailed statistical reports. Identify how many calls were answered or missed and where those calls were coming from through caller ID.

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