Security & IT Risk Assessment

Working remotely?
Your data is more important now than ever before.

The internet is where the actions at. From businesses to individuals, we all rely on it keep us connected. We’re constantly sharing and storing all our information out there, and that’s valuable. More valuable then ever before.

Businesses operate outside of the traditional corporate network these days, so how are you keeping your business, staff and data secure? How at risk are you of a breach? Once breached, how quick are you going to notice?

Not sure? Let’s check it out.

Before someone else does.

How it works:

IT assessments at your fingertips.

Mix and match your services or get the full shebang.

Depending on where your business is at and how far along the security journey you are, you have the freedom to pick and choose from the above assessments, based on what you need.

Clear and holistic view of where you are in your journey.

Clear view of potential gaps in your attack surface.

Mitigate risks in data loss.

Mitigate risk from potential financial loss.

Have a clear path forward to remediate.

Know your security posture like the back of your hand.

Can you say for certain that you’re following framework for data security and privacy? Are you across how well your tenancy is configured? Do you know who is trying to access your environment and from which door?

By understanding where you’re at and where the potential gaps are, you’re able to clearly devise a path forward to plug the leaky bucket.

We can assess where you are, and can help you get to where you need to be.