5 best ways digital transformers improve business operations

The weekend has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean business leaders were relaxing on a picnic blanket in a park. No, organisations were taking the time to cement themselves as digital transformers – digital transformation warriors that leverage digital technology and tools to promote business improvement.

Emerging technology has given rise to a new era of business, a point in time that enhances business process improvement through the adoption of new technologies and ways of thinking. Our customers want more from us, and we need to make sure we’re ready to deliver.

Companies that wear their digital transformers badges with pride can improve their business operations in the following ways:

1. Scalable systems

Here’s the deal: when businesses manage to break into the market and make names for themselves, their operations and staff numbers tend to grow with them. We’re talking level 1 to level 10 business improvement here. What does this have to do with information technology (IT) infrastructures? A whole lot!  The world is expected to spend up to $6.8 trillion on digital transformation by 2023 – a decent amount of that money will go towards IT products and services that will help companies align their tools with their overall objectives. Digital transformers are the frontrunners in sourcing tools to upgrade their IT infrastructures to sizes that are appropriate for their services and operations. By factoring scalability into a digital transformation strategy and investing in continuous improvement, digital transformers can streamline their long-term scalability efforts and satisfy the market’s requirements in near real time. 

2. Stronger decision-making

Anybody who has spent time crafting a business strategy knows two things: how much coffee their bank account can support, and that data is one of the building blocks of effective decision-making. Without data, we wouldn’t know how our businesses are performing, what our customers think of us, and if we’re ready to take on new business improvement opportunities. Digital transformers use the latest tools and digital capabilities to streamline products and services. For example, by applying artificial intelligence (AI) software to various stages of the business and customer journey, we can gather data that truly reflects the current state of our business, helping us make more valuable decisions that will promote business improvement and make customers eager to work with us.

3. Powerful cyber security

Okay, we have to be honest here – cyber security is a pillar< for any digital transformation strategy, and business models that do not have security strategies surrounding them have a much higher chance of experiencing data losses. Digital transformers know this, so they make sure they invest in secure IT solutions that are not short-term fixes. It's believed global cybercrime costs will reach $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025. Digital transformers swerve around that statistic by creating a digital transformation strategy that shifts organizational mindsets surrounding cyber security.  There’s more to it than adding a few firewalls and implementing device management policies into people’s devices – dedicated digital transformers adopt a holistic approach to their cyber safety to ensure their business operations and data are protected with the most advantaged security solutions 24/7/365.

4. Increase staff productivity

You know, if you think about it, ‘business improvement’ is a pretty broad term. But one thing we can all agree on is this – employee satisfaction and loyalty are essential for achieving it. Digital transformers know that the best way to make employees satisfied with their jobs is by ensuring that they’re given the best tools to do them.

If employees don’t feel like they’re being challenged or have the right resources to do their jobs, their efficiency and drive will dip. A digital transformation strategy that includes the tools and software our staff need to get their work done will keep them engaged and eager to come to work, which is a massive asset to any business.

5. Prioritise the customer experience

We can’t overlook our customers if we’re talking about digital transformers and their role in business improvement. They’re the fedora to our Indiana Jones, the Robin to our Batman, the chocolate to our peanut butter, the… you get the idea. Our business models – from the supply chain to the specific processes that help our customers interact with us daily – must place the customer experience in the centre.  >Digital transformers consistently look for new opportunities to meet customer expectations by replacing internal legacy technologies with up-to-date and easy-to-use solutions. With business processes quickened and teams’ productivity increased, digital transformers can spend more time and resources on perfecting the customer experience while creating a new digital transformation strategy that will carry them to the next stage of their organisation’s growth. 

Helping companies with their transformational journeys in style

Digital transformers are no longer businesses in disguise. They’re the leaders of the corporate landscape with a keen sense of business improvement and organisational productivity. With a digital transformation strategy guiding them through their growth, digital transformers use technology to improve their operations and increase revenue.  The modern workplace and digital transformation specialists at Atarix are experts in turning businesses into digital transformers that dominate the market. Companies can reach out if they need help developing a digital transformation strategy, if they’re unsure how to implement new technologies into their processes, or are ready to fulfil their dreams of business improvement.