Secure Modern Workplace

Transform the way you work

Can you hear that? The big clouds are rolling in to make the work more seamless and efficient than ever. Let’s make sure you’ve got the foundations to accelerate your business.

The world had changed and so has the way we work.

Business doesn’t stop. Today, our homes are our offices and we are now forced to reevaluate how we operate to cater to these changes in creating a sustainable yet safe and secure workplace no matter the location or size.

One key outcome is for certain:
Improving productivity and collaboration across the board and using modern technology as our enabler.

Manage your employee devices without impacting the employee’s personal data. Leveraging Microsoft’s Intune mobile device management software, you can target sensitive business data, ensure devices meet security requirements and perform selective wipes whilst leaving personal data separate from these controls.

Using M365 collaboration suite of products, reduce platform switching by viewing and working on documents simultaneously, mention and notify teammates in an instant and communicate with colleagues and clients through one unified platform. 

Malicious attacks are always evolving. It is critical devices connected to sensitive business data are continuously updated to protect and mitigate risk. Enforce minimum device standards on employee devices before they access company data.

As the locations users are working from continue to expand, how are you ensuring those accessing sensitive business data are actually who they say they are? Trust only authorised users are accessing business data will multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies.

Work in confidence, even from accidental leakage. Deploy policies that ensure only approved applications are accessing corporate data and that data can’t be copy and pasted or shared out of approved applications. Don’t want to enrol your devices? You can still manage how your users are accessing corporate data by managing the applications only.

An effective security framework ensures staff are aware and can identify and respond to threats appropriately. Phishing attacks are more and more convincing, and it requires proper education to ensure your users’ know what to do when they get a suspicious email. Policies and tools can only protect you so much, your users are the last line of defence.

Let’s get you going!

1. Atarix Security Baseline with Microsoft 365

The Office suite just got sweeter. Take advantage of industry-leading cloud software with Microsoft 365. All the security controls you need to keep those pesky attackers out! Find out more about M365.
Interested in a little extra security? Find out more about our cloud security services.

2. Atarix End User Computing Baseline with Microsoft 365

A digital workplace suite of productivity and collaboration tools supported, scalable and optimised specifically for your business.

SharePoint Online

A way to manage, share and collaborate on content and applications to improve productivity. A seamless tool to boost your organisations teamwork.

Share and collaborate seamlessly.
Keep your team engaged and up to date.
Combine everyone’s ideas and knowledge into one place. Reimagine your business processes.

Microsoft Teams

The hub for all your teamwork. A secure way to access, share, and collaborate on files together in real time. Plus, stay on top of your day with all of your organisational tools integrated into your calendar. We’ll transfer your data to Microsoft 365, so you can resume your work with minimal disruption.

We also provide ongoing support, so when something goes wrong or if you’re just looking for tips and tricks, we’re here to help.

Microsoft Office

Your full suite of tools right at your fingertips.

3. Mobility

The freedom to work from wherever you need, from any device – laptop, tablet, mobile. Learn more about Endpoint Management.

4. Tailored to suit you

Let’s be flexible with your business and get only what you need. Whether it be a complete cloud transformation or just part of your business that requires support, we’ll be here on standby. Find out more about digital transformation. Simply tack on any of the other solutions as a standalone service or addon solution based on your needs.

5. Managed end-to-end

Our managed services agreements are based on what your business needs and what you want to achieve. We’ll keep things ultra-safe, up-to-date so you can focus on the things that matter.