The ultimate guide to digital transformation services

Today’s customers and stakeholders expect your business to run at the top of its game and continuously find new ways to innovate your daily procedures. Digital technologies support you in this endeavour and provide the necessary means to move your business towards becoming a digital enterprise. However, the trick is knowing which solutions will bring you the most value and how to safely implement these tools into your organisation – the basis of digital transformation (DT) services.

What is a digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the act of evolving your business models and operations through the adoption of digital technology. It is a paradigm shift within an organisation, leveraging the latest technologies and digital strategies to enhance a company’s culture and ability to satisfy customers for long-term success. 

Digital transformations can take the form of:

  • Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software to automate sections of your business’s customer service procedures.
  • Transitioning from an on-premise IT network to a cloud-based model.
  • Investing in technologies for remote and hybrid work.
  • Revamping your company’s IT infrastructure with newer solutions.

It is important to note that digital transformations are not the same as digitisation and digitalisation. While the latter two make up parts of a transformation, they focus on specific aspects of a business, not the organisation as a whole.

  • Digitisation – converting a business’s hardcopy assets into a digital format.
  • Digitalisation – converting a company’s operating models into a digital form.  

With digital transformations, organisations can enhance their digital capabilities and become more responsive to their customers’ needs.

Why are digital transformations important for businesses?

69% of organisations consider digital transformations a necessary tool for operational efficiency. Businesses undertaking digital transformations stand a better chance of remaining operational within their chosen market. On the other hand, companies that are slow to adopt technologies or are reluctant to embrace solutions that will boost their staff’s productivity hold themselves back from growing into the enterprises they deserve to be.

Digital transformations can help organisations in the following ways:

  • Streamline company processes and make them more efficient – your company’s procedures must be optimised for today’s customers.
  • Improve your cyber security measures – investing in the latest cyber security technologies and strategies can make your staff, IT infrastructure, and data more secure.
  • Solidify customer loyalty – reliable technology allows businesses to respond to customers and stakeholders faster and with more fulfilling results.
  • Introduce new products and services – integrating the latest technology into your business can launch new initiatives that reflect the market’s expectations.
  • Reduce costs – migrating from legacy systems to more efficient solutions allows you to allocate resources into areas that will make your business more profitable, whilst reducing costs of maintenance personnel.
  • Empower your employees – provide your staff with the systems and tools they need to do their jobs and grow their skillsets.

digital transformation

Why does your business need digital transformation services?

Digital transformation services are assets to an organisation’s overall digital business strategy. An effective transformation requires time and IT skills. While your company’s IT department can prepare and guide you through your digital transformation journey, DT services leverage the in-depth technology and business expertise of IT professionals who have experience in helping organisations achieve their transformation objectives.

Digital transformation service providers analyse a company’s IT culture and strategy from an outsider’s perspective. They use this unbiased view to study their customer’s needs and goals to create more effective digital transformation roadmaps.

 With digital transformation services, your business can benefit from: 

  • An improved customer experience – DT service providers keep their clients’ audience in mind.
  • Comprehensive support throughout a stressful time – digital transformations can be overwhelming. DT service providers can offer you advice and support from start to finish.
  • An innovative future – from implementing data analytics software and updating the latest technology to bolstering your cloud security, DT services supply your business with the building blocks for a technologically advanced future.

Transitioning from established to newer systems can cause friction between staff and the business. DT consultancy services can bridge the divide between both entities to ensure everyone is on the same page and is eager to boost their technical productivity and efficiency.

What to consider when selecting a digital transformation services provider  

Creating a digital transformation strategy is difficult for companies that need to focus on their core competencies and customers. Like any business partnership, choosing the right DT services provider is a game-changing move for your organisation, and you should choose a provider who can put their words into action. 

When searching for a DT services provider, consider the following factors: 

  • Experience and clients – who has the provider assisted in the past? Read over articles, case studies, client reviews, etc.
  • Services – what parts of your transformation journey (IT support, cyber security, etc.) can the provider help you with? Are they more experienced in one area over another?
  • Approach and methodologies – how does the provider conduct their business? Does it align with your values?
  • Transparency and accessibility – can you contact your DT services provider anytime? 
  • Credentials and expertise – is your provider certified in a particular software or service? Are their qualifications and knowledge relevant?

Hastily signing up with a DT services provider without first considering the above points can increase the chances of your organisation wasting resources and frustrating staff. Meanwhile, companies who take the time to screen potential providers can ensure they hire a partner who will bring more revenue and growth to their organisation.

Guide your business to success with digital transformation specialists

Digital transformations bring added value to your business by integrating new digital technologies into your processes. Transformations are as exciting as they are vital for your company, and completing them can increase your competitive edge. 

Pioneers of digital transformation consulting in Australia, the modern workplace experts at Atarix can help your business transition from out-of-date systems to networks that enhance your processes. Talk to the team today to evolve your business into the flexible, agile enterprise you envision.