How a cyber security consultant offers multilayered security

Sometimes, we need to give our network tools a break and turn them off. But what don’t we shut down? Our layered security measures! Cyber security layers are fundamental in protecting businesses from the plethora of threats and vulnerabilities that exist out there.

Multilayer cyber security solutions are the defences that keep our IT infrastructures and work environments secure and leakproof. Without them, data breaches can become regular occurrences – nobody can afford to let that happen! Thankfully, all businesses have the option of hiring a cyber security consultant to administer the strategies they need to make their systems sturdier than a fortress.

Cyber security layers: what are they?

Think of an organisation’s IT systems and data as money inside a bank vault. What protects this area? We’ve got the vault door, the physical building, security cameras, bank employees, security guards… there are many layers that separate unauthorised personnel from the vault.

Cyber security layers (aka layered security, multilayered security, or defence in depth) are the individual cyber security tools companies incorporate into existing infrastructure to protect its most vulnerable aspects from cyber threats. It’s basically just a way of shoring up digital defences with backup plans and additional barriers, making it harder for threats to enter systems.

What security threats are organisations facing today?

Short answer: quite a lot. But with cyber security services being our forte, we’d rather give businesses a more useful answer. With so many great tools out there, organisations are eagerly adopting new solutions to boost their efficiency

But, and we have to get serious here, the more software and hardware companies invest in, the larger and more complex their systems become. Cybercriminals can breach 93% of networks, a number that shouldn’t exist as far as we’re concerned.

As industry leaders, we have to contend with the following threats:

Luckily, the answer is close by! Cyber security solutions deployed and monitored by an experienced cyber security consultant can save us time, money, and stress. We can rest assured knowing that our networks and people are safe and ready to do right by our customers to promote rapid growth.

What cyber security solutions can companies use in multilayered security?

Just like a cheeseburger with an extra helping of everything, implementing multiple layers of cyber security into an IT network will do nothing except bring happiness, joy, and high levels of security to organisations. We can’t stress enough how important network security is, especially when companies are equipped for hybrid and remote working.

Cyber security layers will help guarantee the integrity of data and IT infrastructures.

The following are vital components of a layered security program:

Secure Access Service Edge solutions
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) leverages multiple cyber security solutions (zero trust policies, firewalls, identity and access management, etc) to protect users’ networking infrastructures. Pronounced “sassy”, like when a cat glares at people as they walk by, SASE widens a company’s security net to encompass the entire network, no matter how it operates within the real world. With SASE, businesses can take advantage of cloud-based cyber security technology for a more secure experience typically reserved for in-house systems – a must-have for remote and hybrid employees. 
Endpoint security
An organisation’s endpoints exist within the human layer of its operations. They are the individual tools, such as mobile devices and computers, that employees use to access the company’s network. Endpoint security implements protective measures, like multi-factor authentication, to keep these tools secure.
Business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Two cyber security layers for the price of one, business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans are strategies that detail how a company will bounce back from a business-threatening disaster. Aspects of BC strategies, DR plans pay attention to IT networks, and the data storage methods businesses use to keep themselves running. BC looks at operational continuity during and after the major event.

Real-world security
Of all the cyber security layers, real-world security (also known as physical security) is often overlooked by companies. Unauthorised entities need to be kept away from organisational networks with physical barriers. This can include security cameras, guards, access control measures, and more. 
Password protocols

In an IT network, the idea of the weakest link can be nothing more than a buzzword. Reusing passwords or making them super generic is a definite no-no. Comprehensive password protocols standardise login procedures and rules across a company, making sure that employees’ passwords are complex and secure.

Centralised cyber security management solutions

Organisations are growing more tech-savvy by the day. But with all these new solutions available, staff numbers constantly changing, and employees working onsite, at home, or from a café, holistic cyber security has become the gift that every company needs to unwrap.

Security hubs like Microsoft Defender consolidate innovative security solutions (including threat and vulnerability management, advanced threat protection, analytics, and more) into an intuitive platform that organisations can use to monitor the entirety of their IT networks and people’s devices from several angles.

Cyber security solutions administered by a world-class cyber security consultant

From incident response strategies to migrating data to the cloud for added security, there are plenty of cyber security solutions for companies to incorporate into their multilayered security. All the tools are already in the shed, it’s just a matter of which ones will make the garden as clean (and secure) as possible.

When businesses work with Atarix, they are given a cyber security consultant whose expertise in multilayered security rivals nobody in the industry. Businesses can contact our team of cyber security solutions experts to implement the exact number of cyber security layers they need to operate in a company-wide utopia.