Why a successful digital transformation strategy needs SASE

Digital transformation is the future of business, and unlike the plot of a dark science fiction novel, a future where organisations leverage technologies to overhaul their processes is bright and profitable. But there is a catch to this. To make the most of them, digital transformations need to be carefully managed, supervised, and guided with strategic planning so that they don’t go haywire.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of cyber threats. And when companies set off a digital transformation, cyber security risks run rampant and are eager to disrupt our business models and systems. Luckily, we have Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions close by to help us transform our companies securely and efficiently. 

What is a digital transformation strategy?

A digital transformation strategy is a comprehensive plan that explains how a business will use digital technologies to innovate its workplace culture and operations, thereby streamlining processes and enriching the customer experience. It’s a type of business strategy that all companies ought to invest in. With an effective transformation strategy, organisations can:

When overhauling IT solutions, it’s essential that we maintain network and security standards that are as high as Mount Everest. Without robust security measures protecting our businesses,  we would be more susceptible to cyber-attacks that could compromise our confidential data and disrupt our business operations.

Fortunately, with SASE, we can make organisational transformations more secure for greater long-term success.  

What is Secure Access Service Edge?

Pronounced like ‘sassy’, SASE is a cloud-based network architecture solution that provides businesses with an all-in-one security framework. At its core, SASE architecture widens the scope of a company’s established cyber security capabilities, making them extend beyond the walls of the office to encompass all parties and devices that interact with a network.

Imagine it like a bubble. All our network’s users and devices (especially remote workers) need to be protected with the same security measures that our in-house staff have – they need to be inside the bubble. SASE widens the bubble to ensure that everyone is inside. Specifically, SASE can equip us with the following software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and tools:

Cloud-delivered security like SASE is an absolute gem for digital transformation strategies. Secure Access Service Edge readily integrates with existing IT environments and immediately factors in the entire employee base. At the same time, it consolidates security tools into a central location, making a company’s cyber security initiatives more cohesive and robust.

And during digital transformations, where products, services, and IT solutions are reinvigorated on an almost daily basis, SASE’s ability to rapidly adapt to changing models is invaluable.

3 reasons why a digital transformation strategy needs SASE

Incorporating cyber security into a strategy for a digital transformation is vital for the wellbeing of employees and the company. It allows us to better identify the security measures we need for the transformation, along with the assets that require diamond-hard protection.

On top of this, if a business has an in-house IT team or a security department, adding cyber security into the transformation strategy will allow them to focus on projects that will contribute to the company’s growth.

Since SASE is more flexible than a contortionist, its security and cloud services can be deployed at a much faster rate than a non-cloud solution. Not only can this save us time and money, but it can also ensure that everyone (and their IT solutions) has the authorised protection they need for a game-changing digital transformation.

To cut to the chase, a SASE-centric transformation strategy rewards us with the following benefits:

Due to its cloud-based nature, SASE is inherently scalable and adaptable to company changes. A digital transformation strategy ought to consider the transformation’s length of time. Secure Access Service Edge solutions have the ability and power to uphold a company’s cyber security posture for any time duration, ensuring that our IT solutions, data, and employees are protected, no matter how long a transformation takes. 

Businesses can transform with SASE

Digital transformations are like a shot of espresso for businesses. With a clear strategy and Secure Access Service Edge solutions protecting our networks, we can make our transformations more efficient and secure.

The network security specialists at Atarix can configure and maintain your business’s SASE environment before, during, and after a digital transformation. With our expertise in SASE and digital transformation consulting, we can help you make the most of cloud security tools while ensuring your business transforms successfully.